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Add: Wuxi Huishan area Luoshe town Shitangwan Industrial park
Phone: 13806184732(Lixiaodong)
Tel: +86-510-83260636    +86-510-83269009
Fax: +86-510-83260636
Email: sales@wuxixh.com



   Wuxi kotewall ring machinery factory was founded in 1985, specialized in producing all kinds of knitting textile equipment, dyeing and finishing equipment. All kinds of metal wire conveyor mesh belt. More than 10,000 square meters, is located the scenery beautiful taihu lake, the east of flourishing the chiangnan pearl - wuxi city, south by the beijing-hangzhou grand canal, the beijing-shanghai railway, 312 national highway and xinchang railway traverses among them, water and land transportation is very convenient, developed industry.


Wuxi Xuhuan machinery factory Address:Wuxi Huishan area Luoshe town Shitangwan Industrial park  contact:Lixiaodong Phone:13806184732Tel:0510-83260636 83269009 Fax:0510-83260636   E-mail:sales@wuxixh.com http://www.wuxixh.com